TDM Electrical have a strong team of employees. We are proudly whānau focused, we value the team at home supporting our employees.

Teamwork is crucial for our electrical contractors to successfully complete projects in the commercial and industrial sectors. By fostering a collaborative and supportive team environment, our team can deliver successful projects, meet client needs, and build a strong reputation in the industry.

Some key points that make our team stand out:
Continuous Learning: This is due to the electrical industry constantly evolving with new technologies and best practices. We try our best to engage with ongoing training and professional development to stay current and enhance the skills of our staff.
Safety Focuses: Safety is a top priority.  Our team members must adhere to safety protocols, watch out for one another, and create a culture of safety within the team to prevent accidents and injuries.
Problem-Solving –  Electrical projects may encounter challenges that require creative problem-solving. Our team will collaborate to identify solutions, troubleshoot issues, and ensure that project timelines and quality standards are met.
Adaptability –  Projects in the electrical contracting industry can be complex and dynamic.  Our team are able to be adaptable and flexible in responding to changes, unexpected issues, and evolving project requirements.
Collaboration – Collaboration among team members is important for leveraging individual strengths and expertise. Different team members bring unique skills to the table, and by working together, we know our team can enhance project outcomes.

Barry values the relationships of our clients and staff equally and his organizational skills ensure that the right people are at the right job to ensure our clients get the best people for their needs. Barry bought into TDM Electrical in 2019. Mike and Barry work as a complimentary team to achieve a strong business plan. Barry has worked in sales, management and consulting roles for some well known New Zealand & International companies, namely: Ellisco, Fulton Hogan, Konecranes.

Lance has a huge amount of experience after many years of new build commercial, industrial sites and brings great leadership and skills to our team.

Brenda is busy with managing budgets, paying accounts, monitoring cash flow and supporting Mike, Barry and the Team in all aspects of the business.

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